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Royal Arch Norfolk

The Royal Arch Norfolk, a Masonic Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the ancient traditions and rituals of Freemasonry. The Lodge meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in Norfolk, Virginia. All Master Masons in good standing with any Grand Lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England are invited to attend. The Royal Arch Norfolk is a member of the Most Excellent Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Virginia, and its members are expected to comply with all requirements for Masonic membership as set forth by that body. In addition to regular meetings, the Lodge also offers an annual Ladies’ Night social event and other activities throughout the year. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our mission, history, and activities!The history of Royal Arch Norfolk dates back to the 1700s, when the Freemasons first established their Grand Lodge in Norfolk. The first Royal Arch Chapter in the area was founded in 1801, and over the years, several more chapters were added. The Royal Arch Masons of Norfolk are organised into three districts: Eastern, Western and Central. Each district has several chapters, lodges and councils that meet regularly to perform the traditional ceremonies associated with Freemasonry. There are also a number of affiliated organisations such as the Order of DeMolay and the Order of Job’s Daughters that provide opportunities for young people to become involved in Freemasonry. Over the years, many distinguished guests have visited Norfolk’s Royal Arch Chapters including Presidents George Washington and James Monroe as well as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Today, Royal Arch Norfolk continues to be a vibrant part of the community, providing fellowship and support to its members while promoting charitable works throughout the region.

Origins of Royal Arch Norfolk

The origins of Royal Arch Norfolk can be traced back to the mid-eighteenth century. The first Masonic lodges in the county were established by members of the military, and it was soon realised that additional ceremonies were required to add further depth to the rituals being performed. To meet this need, a group of Freemasons in Norfolk created a new degree, known as the Royal Arch Degree, which was based on traditions from Freemasonry and other sources. This degree was designed to teach its members deeper philosophical and spiritual insights into Masonic mysteries.

The Royal Arch Degree flourished in Norfolk and spread throughout England and beyond. Over time, new chapters were formed, each with its own particular customs and practices, leading to the development of distinctive regional variations on the original ritual. In Norfolk, these variations became known as ‘Royal Arch Norfolk’.

Today, Royal Arch Norfolk is still practiced in many Masonic lodges around the world. It is an important part of Masonic ritual for many members who wish to gain greater insight into Freemasonry’s deeper mysteries. The ceremonies are often elaborate and highly symbolic – making use of symbols such as pillars, stairs and arches – allowing for a deeper exploration of philosophical concepts central to Freemasonry such as truth, justice and brotherly love.

Although there are some differences between modern Royal Arch Masonry and its eighteenth-century predecessor – including significant changes to rituals – most of the core teachings remain unchanged. As such, it provides a fascinating glimpse into an ancient tradition that still has relevance today for those seeking a deeper understanding of Freemasonry’s mysteries.


The Royal Arch Norfolk is a historical building located in the city of Norfolk, Virginia. It was built in 1810 and is one of the oldest Masonic buildings still in existence today. The building was originally used as a meeting space for members of the Masonic Order, but over the years it has been used for other purposes such as a civil rights museum and an art gallery. The building has recently undergone extensive renovations to restore it to its original glory.


The Royal Arch Norfolk is an example of early nineteenth century Federal-style architecture. It features a two-story portico with four Ionic columns topped by a pediment with a fanlight window. The building also has symmetrical facades with dentil moldings along the roofline and rectangular windows framed by stone sills and lintels. The interior of the building features an open floor plan with three fireplaces and original woodwork throughout.


The Royal Arch Norfolk hosts various events throughout the year including concerts, lectures, art exhibits, and educational programs. The building also serves as a venue for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations. In addition, there are regular guided tours which provide visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the history of the building and its connection to Freemasonry in Virginia.


The Royal Arch Norfolk is an important part of both Norfolk’s history and Freemasonry culture in Virginia. It stands as a testament to early American architecture and provides visitors with an opportunity to explore its significance through guided tours, events, educational programs, and exhibits. Visitors can also enjoy its beautiful architecture while exploring all that this historic building has to offer.

Goals of Royal Arch Norfolk

The Royal Arch Norfolk is a fraternity of dedicated and committed men who have come together to share a common bond. This brotherhood has a long-standing history of service to the community, and its members strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and character. The goals of the organization are to foster fellowship among its members, as well as promote an understanding and appreciation for the values that have shaped our nation.

The organization also seeks to support charitable causes in and around the Norfolk area, such as providing assistance to individuals in need, supporting local businesses, and helping fund educational initiatives. Through its charitable works, Royal Arch Norfolk helps make a real difference in people’s lives.

In addition to its charitable works, Royal Arch Norfolk has been committed to preserving traditional Masonic rituals and practices for more than two centuries. The organization provides educational programs that teach Freemasonry’s timeless principles, as well as provide members with opportunities for spiritual growth and development.

Royal Arch Norfolk is also dedicated to promoting a sense of unity among its fraternal brothers across all jurisdictions. Through its various activities, events, programs and initiatives, it strives to create an environment where individuals can come together in friendship and brotherly love while celebrating our great heritage.

Ultimately, Royal Arch Norfolk seeks to empower individuals by providing them with the tools they need to become strong leaders in society. Through its commitment to service and education, it hopes to inspire others with its example of excellence in order to create a better world for all.

Unsurpassed Networking Opportunities

Joining Royal Arch Norfolk provides an unsurpassed networking opportunity for like-minded professionals. You will be able to connect with individuals from the same industry, who can help you grow your business and further your career. You will also have access to resources, such as industry-specific events and seminars, which can help you stay abreast of the latest developments in your field.

Enhanced Professional Reputation

Being a part of Royal Arch Norfolk is a great way to enhance your professional reputation. By joining this organization, you will be associated with a respected organization that is committed to promoting professional excellence and growth. As a member, you will be seen as a leader in your field and have access to opportunities that can help you further develop your career.

Access to Exclusive Resources

As a member of Royal Arch Norfolk, you will have access to exclusive resources that are not available to non-members. These resources include access to industry experts who can provide valuable insights into current trends and developments in the industry. You will also have access to networking events and seminars that can help you stay current on the latest information in your field.

Develop New Skills

Joining Royal Arch Norfolk is also an excellent opportunity for members to develop new skills related to their profession. Through workshops, seminars, and other activities hosted by the organization, members can gain insights into new technologies or strategies that could benefit their business or career. This knowledge can help members stay competitive in their field and better serve their clients or employers.

Broaden Your Horizons

Therefore, joining Royal Arch Norfolk provides an excellent opportunity for members to broaden their horizons by meeting professionals from different industries or backgrounds. These connections can open up new possibilities for members and provide them with valuable insights into other industries or markets that could benefit their career or business.

Requirements to Join Royal Arch Norfolk

To join the Royal Arch Chapter of Norfolk, one must first be a member in good standing of a regularly constituted lodge of Master Masons. This means that one must have taken and been found proficient in the three Symbolic Degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry. It is also necessary for a candidate to be recommended by a Past or Present Grand Officer, or by two Master Masons who are members of the Chapter, or from two other Chapters. Therefore, it is also required that the candidate demonstrate evidence of having received a Chapter degree from either this chapter or another recognized Chapter.

Once these requirements are met and the petition has been properly submitted and approved, the candidate will then be invited to attend a meeting where he will take part in the necessary ceremony which will officially admit him as a member into the Royal Arch Chapter of Norfolk. Upon completion of this ceremony he will then be eligible to receive all other orders associated with Royal Arch Masonry.

Membership Fees for Royal Arch Norfolk

The Membership Fees for Royal Arch Norfolk are an important part of the organization. The fees are used to cover the administrative costs associated with running the chapter, as well as to support various activities and projects. The membership fees are also used to help promote and maintain a positive relationship between members.

The Membership Fees for Royal Arch Norfolk vary according to the type of membership. For example, full members pay an annual fee, while associate and honorary members pay a one-time fee. Additionally, there may be additional fees charged for various services or activities that members participate in throughout the year.

The Membership Fees for Royal Arch Norfolk are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors in order to ensure they remain fair and equitable for all members. Any changes to the fees must be approved by the Grand Chapter before they can take effect.

All members of Royal Arch Norfolk are expected to pay their dues on time in order to remain in good standing with the organization. In addition, all members must adhere to any policies and procedures established by the Grand Chapter in regards to payment of dues and other matters related to membership.

Royal Arch Norfolk is committed to providing an accessible environment for all its members, regardless of their financial situation. For this reason, payment plans and financial assistance may be available upon request and approval from the Grand Chapter.

The Membership Fees for Royal Arch Norfolk provide a valuable source of funding that helps support various programs within the chapter while ensuring that everyone has access to participate in them. By paying their dues on time, members help continue this mission while contributing towards its success moving forward.

Royal Arch Events and Activities

The Royal Arch Chapter of Norfolk is an active and vibrant organization that strives to promote the principles of Freemasonry throughout the county. We hold regular meetings, social events, educational forums, and charitable activities. In addition to our monthly meetings, we also host several special events throughout the year. Our annual Installation Banquet is a great opportunity for all to come together to celebrate the new officers and enjoy a delicious meal. We also have a variety of social activities such as our summer picnic and winter holiday party that provide excellent opportunities for fellowship and entertainment.

Our educational forums are designed to help members deepen their understanding of Freemasonry’s history, philosophy, and practices. We have informative lectures on various topics, such as Masonic symbolism or Masonic philanthropy that are open to all brethren in good standing. We also organize workshops on ritualistic practice or lodge management that can enable members to better serve their lodges or chapters.

The charitable activities of Royal Arch Norfolk reflect our commitment to helping those in need in our community. Each year we sponsor several fundraisers, such as food drives or toy collections, that benefit local organizations such as soup kitchens or shelters for homeless families. We also support Masonry’s nationwide charity campaign known as “Masonic Homes for Children” which provides assistance to children who are victims of abuse or neglect. Through these efforts, we strive to demonstrate the power of Freemasonry in making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Last Thoughts

The Royal Arch of Norfolk is an iconic landmark in the city of Norfolk. It is a symbol of the city’s past and its future. The history and significance of this structure are undeniable and it is a great source of pride for locals and visitors alike. The Royal Arch has been a popular destination for many over the years, with its distinctive architecture making it one of the most recognizable landmarks in Norfolk. It stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant culture and heritage, inspiring visitors to explore more of what the city has to offer.

As one of the oldest structures in the city, the Royal Arch provides an important reminder that Norfolk has been around for centuries, with many stories to tell. It is a beloved symbol that unites people from all walks of life who share a common appreciation for this piece of history. Whether you’re looking for an interesting destination or simply need some time to relax and appreciate nature, there’s something special about this place that will leave you feeling both inspired and humbled.

The Royal Arch of Norfolk is an iconic landmark in this historic region that will continue to bring joy and inspiration to visitors from near and far for generations to come.

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