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Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull

The history of Royal Arch Kingston upon Hull can be traced back to the mid-1800s. The first lodge of the Royal Arch Masons in Hull was established in 1853, and is still operating today. The current Senior Warden of this lodge is WBro. C.R. Garnett, who has been a member since 1973.

In 1871, the first Grand Chapter meeting of the Royal Arch Masons was held in Hull, and this event marked the beginning of the formal recognition and regulation of Royal Arch Masonry in Hull. Since then, there have been regular meetings of the Grand Chapter held in Hull every year, and new chapters have been consecrated throughout the city over the years.

The Royal Arch Masonry is an important part of Masonic life in Hull’s history. It has provided a platform for Fellowship and Brotherhood amongst its members while at the same time helping to promote philanthropy and charitable causes throughout its community.

Today, there are several active chapters within Kingston upon Hull that hold regular meetings throughout each month and are open to all members of any lodge who wish to attend. The current Grand Superintendent of East Yorkshire is WBro J R Mayes PProvGStwd, who has been a member since 1993.

Membership Requirements for Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull

To become a member of the Royal Arch Chapter, Kingston upon Hull, an individual must first be a Master Mason in good standing. The candidate must be recommended by two fellow Masons and then approved by the Chapter. In addition, the candidate must pass the examination set by the Grand Superintendent and be willing to accept the Obligations of a Royal Arch Mason.

Once these steps have been completed, then the candidate can be accepted into membership of the Chapter. The candidate must also pay an initiation fee and annual dues to remain in good standing. The initiation fee covers administrative costs associated with joining, while annual dues are used to cover general operating expenses of the Chapter.

The Royal Arch Chapter is open to all Master Masons who meet its criteria and have taken their Obligations of a Royal Arch Mason. Additionally, all members must abide by any rules or regulations set forth by the Grand Superintendent or other governing body of the Chapter. All members are expected to attend meetings regularly and contribute positively to its activities.

In order to maintain membership in good standing with the Royal Arch Chapter in Kingston upon Hull, any changes in contact information such as address or phone number should be reported as soon as possible so that any mailings or other communications can be received without delay. Additionally, all members should pay their annual dues on time so that their membership remains active and their voting rights are not affected.

Participation in activities sponsored by the Chapter is highly encouraged as it helps promote a sense of camaraderie among its members. This includes attending regular meetings and social events such as dinners and outings organized by the Chapter. Therefore, all members should strive to uphold Masonic principles at all times and demonstrate respect towards one another within its walls.

Overall, membership requirements for Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull are quite straightforward and easy to adhere to. By following these guidelines it ensures that each member is contributing towards a positive experience for everyone involved with this esteemed organization.

Benefits of Joining Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull

Joining Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull is an excellent way to become part of a larger community that offers several benefits. The members of the organization are dedicated to helping others and providing support for those in need. As a member, you can be sure that you will be part of a community that values friendship and caring, and one that welcomes all walks of life.

The benefits that come with membership include access to resources such as mentorship, job opportunities, networking events, and fellowship activities. Mentors within the organization provide guidance and support to new members, helping them make connections and grow professionally. Job opportunities are available to members as well, giving them the opportunity to find work in their chosen fields. Networking events are held regularly by the organization, allowing members to meet like-minded individuals who share similar interests or passions. Therefore, fellowship activities are held throughout the year which allow members to engage with each other in meaningful ways.

Joining Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull also provides access to a range of educational resources. Members can take advantage of educational workshops and seminars on topics such as leadership skills, business development, public speaking, networking techniques and more. Additionally, members have access to a library which houses books relevant to their profession or hobbies.

Therefore, becoming a member of Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull gives individuals access to exclusive discounts on products from local businesses in the area. These discounts can help save money on everyday items such as groceries or clothing items which can add up over time and make life more affordable for members.

Overall, joining Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull provides many different benefits for its members including mentorship opportunities, job prospects, fellowship activities and exclusive discounts on products from local businesses in the area – all of which contribute towards making life more enjoyable for its members.

Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull: Hosting Events

The Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull is a prestigious organization that hosts many events throughout the year. From large conferences to intimate dinners, the Royal Arch provides a beautiful setting for all types of events. Whether you are looking to host a business gathering, wedding reception, or other special occasion, the Royal Arch can help make your event a memorable one. The experienced staff at the Royal Arch is committed to providing excellent service and helping you create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The Royal Arch offers several different venues for hosting events. The grand ballroom is one of the most popular locations, offering plenty of room for larger gatherings such as weddings and conferences. The room features stunningly decorated walls and ample seating space for up to 500 guests. It also boasts an impressive bar area and professional catering services.

For smaller events, the private dining rooms provide an intimate atmosphere with seating for up to 40 people. These rooms are perfect for meetings or dinners and feature beautiful décor and attentive wait staff. The private rooms also have their own bar area and access to the terrace, making them ideal settings for outdoor events such as weddings or cocktail parties.

The Royal Arch also provides several other amenities that can help make your event even more special. From audiovisual equipment to custom catering services, they have everything you need to make your gathering a success. They also offer a variety of entertainment options such as live music or DJs, so you can create an atmosphere that reflects your own unique style and taste.

No matter what type of event you’re looking to host, the Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull has something to offer. With their extensive selection of venues, services, and amenities, they provide everything necessary to make your gathering a memorable one!

Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull

The Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull is a historic Masonic lodge situated in the heart of Hull, East Yorkshire. It was founded in 1750 and is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the area. The lodge has an impressive and rich history, having hosted meetings for over 270 years, welcoming members from all walks of life. The Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull is known for its unique blend of traditional and modern Masonic practices, making it an ideal destination for any Mason looking to further their knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry.

The lodge offers a range of activities and events throughout the year, including lectures, workshops, social gatherings and other special events. The Royal Arch Kingston Upon Hull also offers membership services to those interested in joining the Masonic order. Those wishing to become a member must fill out an application form available on their website and pay an annual subscription fee.

The lodge also provides support for those who may be struggling financially or require assistance with certain matters related to Freemasonry. They regularly hold fundraising events such as raffles and auctions in order to raise money for charitable causes.

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