Royal Arch Humberside

Royal Arch Humberside is a freemasonry lodge established over 200 years ago in Hull. The lodge has a long and proud history of providing charity, support and friendship to its members. As one of the oldest and most respected lodges in the country, Royal Arch Humberside is dedicated to upholding its core values of integrity, respect and fellowship. With a membership comprised of individuals from all walks of life, this lodge provides an environment where people can come together to learn more about Freemasonry and enhance their understanding and enjoyment of life. The history of Royal Arch Humberside dates back to 1767, when a group of Freemasons met in Hull to form the Royal Arch Chapter of Humberside. Since then, the Chapter has grown and flourished, becoming one of the most prestigious chapters in England. Today, Royal Arch Humberside is an active organization with a membership that includes Masons from all walks of life.

The original purpose of the chapter was to provide support and fellowship for its members, as well as promote the principles of Freemasonry. Over time, additional activities such as lectures, social events and fundraising have become part of its programme. In addition to this, Royal Arch Humberside is also involved in a number of charitable initiatives, providing financial assistance to those in need.

Royal Arch Humberside is also actively involved in the wider community and has supported many local organisations over the years. This includes providing funds for education and youth projects, as well as sponsoring a number of charitable events. The Chapter also works closely with other Masonic lodges in Yorkshire and beyond to promote fellowship and friendship throughout the region.

Royal Arch Humberside

Royal Arch Humberside is a masonic province located in the North East of England. It is part of the United Grand Lodge of England, with its headquarters in Hull. The province consists of twelve lodges, spread across four geographical divisions: East Riding, West Riding, North Riding and South Riding. The Provincial Grand Master is responsible for the overall management and direction of all masonic activities within the province. The Provincial Grand Lodge meets three times a year to discuss matters relating to masonic activities and to vote on any proposed changes or amendments to existing masonic regulations.

The Royal Arch Humberside is a vibrant and active province, with many social events taking place throughout the year. These events include dinners, dances, concerts and other social gatherings where members can come together to share fellowship and celebrate their membership in the Masonic order. Events are also held in support of local charities and other causes that are important to members of the Order.

Membership in Royal Arch Humberside is open to all men who meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the United Grand Lodge of England. Prospective members must be at least 21 years old, have good moral character and demonstrate a commitment to upholding the principles and values of Freemasonry. Members must also pledge themselves to promote peace and harmony among all men regardless of their differences or backgrounds.


The Roles of a Royal Arch Humberside Member

The Royal Arch Humberside is a local organization that works to serve the community and to promote fellowship among its members. It is composed of members who are involved in a variety of activities, including meetings, social events, charity work, and other activities. As a member of the Royal Arch Humberside, each person has certain responsibilities and roles that they must fulfill in order to maintain the organization’s goals.

The first role of a Royal Arch Humberside member is to attend the monthly meetings. During these meetings, members discuss topics related to the organization’s mission and goals as well as any issues or concerns they may have. By attending these meetings, members stay informed about what is happening in the organization and can provide input on decisions that affect them.

In addition to attending the monthly meetings, Royal Arch Humberside members also participate in social activities such as dinners, parties, picnics, and other activities. These events are not only meant for fun but also give members an opportunity to get to know one another better as well as build stronger relationships with others in the organization.

Royal Arch Humberside members also participate in various charity work throughout the year. This includes volunteering at food banks or soup kitchens, helping out at local schools or hospitals, and participating in other community projects that benefit those in need. By helping out with these efforts, members demonstrate their commitment to serving their local community and making a difference.

Therefore, Royal Arch Humberside members are expected to follow all of the rules and regulations set forth by the organization. This includes abiding by any rules regarding dress codes or behavior while participating in events or gatherings sponsored by the organization. Members should also take care not to engage in any behavior that could be deemed disruptive or offensive towards others while representing the organization at any event or gathering.

Being a part of Royal Arch Humberside is an exciting opportunity for individuals who want to make a difference in their community and build strong relationships with other like-minded individuals. Through involvement with this organization comes great responsibility – it is up to each individual member to ensure they are fulfilling their roles and responsibilities properly so that they can help contribute towards creating an effective and successful organization that works for everyone involved!

The Structure of Royal Arch Humberside

The Royal Arch is a Masonic organisation which exists within the framework of Freemasonry. It is open to all Master Masons who have been initiated into the Craft. In Humberside, the Royal Arch is organised in a hierarchical structure, with each level having its own distinct rules and regulations. At the top of the pyramid is the Grand Chapter of Humberside, which oversees all local chapters and their activities. Below this is the Provincial Grand Chapter, which consists of representatives from each local chapter in Humberside and has responsibility for matters relating to the Royal Arch in Humberside.

At a local level, there are several chapters in Humberside, each with its own governing body and officers. Each chapter meets regularly to hold ceremonial meetings and perform other Masonic duties. The chapters are affiliated to one another through their association with the Grand Chapter or Provincial Grand Chapter.

Each chapter also has its own membership criteria, which must be met before an individual can become a member of that particular chapter. This usually requires that an individual have been a Master Mason for at least one year prior to joining. Once an individual has joined a chapter they are expected to attend meetings regularly and take part in any ceremonial work or other activities associated with the chapter.

The Royal Arch also plays an important role in charity work throughout Humberside. Many chapters support local charities by raising money or donating their time and resources to help those less fortunate. This charitable work helps to create strong bonds between members of different chapters and promotes goodwill throughout the area.

Joining Royal Arch Humberside

The Royal Arch Humberside is an organization dedicated to serving Freemasons in the area of Humberside, England. It is open to all Master Masons who have been initiated into Freemasonry. The Royal Arch Humberside provides a range of activities and events for its members. This includes lectures, social gatherings, and other educational opportunities. Joining the Royal Arch Humberside is a great way to expand your knowledge of Freemasonry and meet new people in the process.

In order to join the Royal Arch Humberside, you must first be a Master Mason in good standing with the Grand Lodge of England and Wales. Once you have established your membership in the Grand Lodge, you can then apply to join the Royal Arch Humberside. You will need to fill out an application form and provide two references from current members of the organization. Once your application has been accepted, you will be invited to attend a meeting at one of our lodges. At this meeting, you will be given an overview of our organization and its activities as well as how you can become more involved in its work.

When you join the Royal Arch Humberside, you will become part of a vibrant community that values education and fellowship among its members. You will also have access to our library which contains books on various topics related to Freemasonry as well as past newsletters from our organization. This library can be accessed at any time during our regular meetings or by appointment with one of our librarians.

As a member of the Royal Arch Humberside, you will also be eligible for various awards given out by our organization such as traveling scholarships for young Masons or awards for excellence in research or writing about Masonic topics. You may also choose to take part in special events such as seminars or conferences that we host throughout the year.

By joining the Royal Arch Humberside, you will not only gain access to educational opportunities but also make new friends who share your interest in Freemasonry and its history. We look forward to welcoming you into our organization!

Benefits of Royal Arch Humberside

The Royal Arch Humberside offers a range of benefits for its members. As a member, you will have access to exclusive events and activities, as well as discounts on merchandise and services. You will also be able to participate in social activities such as dinners, luncheons and meetings. Additionally, you will receive valuable information about current topics in the field of Freemasonry. Membership also entitles you to take part in the annual Grand Lodge Festival, where members can come together to celebrate their shared values and ideals.

The Royal Arch Humberside also provides educational programs for its members, including lectures and workshops on various topics such as Masonic history, philosophy and ritual. Members can also attend conferences and seminars offered by the organization, which help them stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Freemasonry. Additionally, members can join study groups that focus on a range of topics related to Freemasonry.

Therefore, membership of the Royal Arch Humberside provides members with access to an extensive library of books and other materials related to Freemasonry. The organization also maintains an online presence through its website, where members can access news and updates about the organization’s activities. Additionally, members are eligible for special awards and recognition for their contributions to the organization’s growth and success.

Events and Activities of Royal Arch Humberside

Royal Arch Humberside is a Masonic organization that offers a variety of events and activities for its members. The organization is dedicated to providing quality experiences and opportunities for all its members. The events and activities of Royal Arch Humberside are designed to foster fellowship, camaraderie, and mutual understanding among its members. Some of the regular events and activities include: monthly meetings, lodge dinners, outdoor recreational activities, group trips, holiday celebrations, educational seminars, and social gatherings.

The monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. At these meetings, members discuss current topics related to the fraternity and plan upcoming events. This is also an opportunity for all members to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and socialize with one another.

Lodge dinners are held at least once every quarter. This is an opportunity for all members to gather together in a formal setting to enjoy good food and conversation. It is also an opportunity for new members to get acquainted with existing ones.

Outdoor recreational activities are planned throughout the year. These activities can range from fishing trips to camping or hiking excursions. This provides an opportunity for members to enjoy nature while getting to know one another better in a relaxed environment.

Group trips are organized throughout the year as well. These trips provide an opportunity for all members to come together in a different setting where they can explore new places while strengthening their camaraderie with one another.

Holiday celebrations are also held throughout the year where all members can get together and celebrate special occasions together such as Christmas or Easter Sunday. These celebrations typically involve food, music, games, crafts, and other fun activities that bring everyone closer together in the spirit of fellowship.

Educational seminars are organized throughout the year as well where topics related to Freemasonry are discussed in depth by knowledgeable presenters who have specialized knowledge about various aspects of the fraternity such as history or symbolism. These seminars provide an opportunity for all members to learn more about their shared interests while building lasting relationships with each other in the process.


Royal Arch Humberside

The Royal Arch Humberside is a charitable organization that works to support the local community in and around Hull. Their mission is to provide support for those in need, and to promote social cohesion and wellbeing in the city. They provide a range of services including financial assistance, advice, support groups, volunteering opportunities, and more. They also have a dedicated team of volunteers who are always ready to help out wherever needed.


The Royal Arch Humberside has a wide range of services available for those in need. They offer financial assistance in the form of grants and loans, as well as advice on managing finances. They also offer support groups for people with mental health issues, as well as a volunteer program for those looking to give back to their community. In addition, they offer activities such as art classes and gardening clubs for those looking to get involved with their local community.

Other Resources

The Royal Arch Humberside also offers other resources such as access to mental health professionals and resources on domestic violence prevention. They also have an online library which provides access to books on a variety of topics related to mental health, wellbeing, finance and more. Additionally, they hold events throughout the year which are open to all members of the community – from educational talks to social gatherings.

Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with the Royal Arch Humberside there are various ways you can do so. You can become a volunteer or make a donation if you’d like to give your time or money towards their cause – both of which will go towards improving the lives of those in need within the local area. You can also keep up-to-date with their work by following them on social media or signing up for their newsletter.

Last Thoughts

Royal Arch Humberside is a wonderful place to explore and experience. The stunning scenery, unique architecture, and fascinating history make it a great destination for anyone looking for a memorable trip. With its well-preserved castles, lovely gardens and parks, and interesting museums, it offers something for everyone. In addition, the friendly locals and excellent restaurants make it easy to enjoy your stay here. Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure or a relaxing getaway, Royal Arch Humberside has something to offer every traveler.

Overall, Royal Arch Humberside is an ideal destination for a family vacation or romantic getaway. With its stunning scenery and rich culture, this area of England provides something that will delight every type of traveler. So if you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the British Isles, then look no further than Royal Arch Humberside!

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