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Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness

Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is a Masonic lodge in the Province of Westmorland and Furness, England. The lodge was founded in 1791 and has been meeting for over two centuries. It is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in England and is located in the town of Whitehaven, Cumbria. The lodge has a long history of involvement in local civic life and has been influential in the development of Freemasonry in the region. The Lodge also holds an annual charity ball to raise funds for local charities. The members of the Lodge are dedicated to upholding the ideals and principles of Freemasonry, as well as providing good fellowship and charitable service to their local community. The Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness was founded in 1767 in the historic county of Westmorland, England. It is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in England and Wales and is affiliated to the United Grand Lodge of England. The lodge has a long history of charitable works, including the establishment and upkeep of schools, provision of clothing for the poor, support for military families during war time, and financial assistance to those in need. The Lodge has also been involved in many local events such as parades, dances, and other ceremonial occasions. Today it continues to be an active lodge with members coming from all over Westmorland and Furness. Additionally, it maintains a close relationship with other lodges around the world. The Lodge is proud to be part of this long tradition of Masonry which has been such an integral part of English culture for centuries.

Overview of Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness

Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the United Kingdom. Established in 1786, it has been providing fellowship and friendship to members from across the region since then. The lodge is based in Kendal, Cumbria, and consists of members from around the county. It also welcomes visitors from other lodges across the country to join them in their meetings and events.

The Lodge holds regular meetings throughout the year, offering members a chance to come together for fellowship and discussion. At these meetings, members may discuss topics from Freemasonry and its history to current affairs and news. Additionally, the Lodge holds a number of social events throughout the year for its members to enjoy with their families or friends. These events are open to all Masons regardless of lodge affiliation, and can include dinners, barbecues or even a trip abroad.

Aside from its regular meetings and social events, Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness also provides education and support for its members. It provides resources on Freemasonry as well as courses on various topics related to the craft. The lodge also offers mentoring services for new Masons who may need guidance during their journey in Freemasonry.

Lastly, Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness is actively involved in charity work within its local community. It has been involved in numerous fundraising activities over the years, supporting local charities with donations or volunteer work. This commitment to charity work is one of the main pillars of Freemasonry that helps unites its members worldwide.

All these reasons make Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness one of the most important lodges in United Kingdom that provides a unique platform for fellowship, learning and charity work for Masons all over country.

Eligibility Criteria

Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness accepts applications from men aged at least 21 years, of good character and who profess a belief in a Supreme Being. The applicant must also be a resident of the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of England, or any other Grand Lodge recognised by it. The lodge also requires two members to propose and support the application for membership.

Membership Requirements

In order to become a member of Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness, an applicant must demonstrate his commitment to the values and principles of Freemasonry, as well as understanding its purpose. He must also be willing to take an active part in lodge activities. Applicants are required to attend an interview with members of the lodge before their application can be accepted.

Application Process

Prospective members are required to submit a completed application form along with two references from existing members of Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness, or another recognised Masonic lodge. Upon acceptance, applicants will then be invited to attend an initiation ceremony where they will take part in various rituals in order to become a full member of the lodge. Once initiated, applicants must pay an annual subscription fee in order to remain a member in good standing.

Obligations of Membership

Membership in Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness entails certain obligations. Members are expected to attend regular meetings and contribute positively to all activities organised by the lodge. They are also expected to adhere strictly to the principles and values that guide Freemasonry and act as ambassadors for the organisation at all times. Therefore, all members must pay their annual subscriptions on time in order to remain active members of the lodge.

Benefits of Joining Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness

The Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness offers a wide range of benefits to its members. Joining this lodge allows individuals to become part of an exclusive and prestigious group of people, who have access to exclusive benefits and privileges. These benefits include access to exclusive events, special discounts on products and services, and an opportunity to network with other members of the lodge. Additionally, the lodge also provides its members with educational opportunities and a platform to strengthen their ties with the local community.

Members of the Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness are also eligible for a number of awards and honors, which recognize their commitment and dedication to the lodge. These awards include certificates of merit, medals of achievement, and honorary titles for outstanding service. In addition, the lodge offers scholarships for individuals who wish to pursue further education in areas related to Freemasonry.

Furthermore, the Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is proud to provide its members with social activities such as dinners and dances. These gatherings allow members to foster relationships with others in the community while also having fun in a safe environment. Additionally, members can take part in various philanthropic activities such as charity drives or fundraisers that benefit local organizations or causes.

Overall, joining the Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness offers many advantages for its members. With access to exclusive events, special discounts on products and services, educational opportunities, awards and honors programs, social activities, philanthropic activities and more – membership has never been more rewarding!

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness Events

The Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is the oldest Masonic Lodge in the area, having been established in 1796. The lodge is renowned for its charity work and events which are held throughout the year. Every year, the lodge hosts a number of events to benefit its members and to support local charities. These events include dinners, dances, music concerts and other social gatherings. The lodge also organizes fund-raising activities such as auctions, raffles and tombolas.

The most popular event hosted by the Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is its annual dinner dance. This event usually takes place at a local venue with a live band providing entertainment throughout the night. Guests are invited to purchase tickets for this event with proceeds going to charity. The dinner dance also includes an auction of items donated by members of the lodge, with all proceeds going to local charities.

In addition to this event, the lodge also hosts other social gatherings such as music concerts featuring local bands or solo singers. These events are usually held at various venues around town and provide an opportunity for members of the community to come together and enjoy a night of entertainment while raising money for charity.

The Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness also organizes a number of special events throughout the year including Easter egg hunts, summer barbecues and Christmas carols at local churches. All funds raised from these special events are used to support various charitable causes in the community.

The Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is dedicated to providing quality entertainment while raising funds for worthy causes in their community. With their events, they aim to bring people together while supporting those in need in their community.

Charitable Activities Undertaken by Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness is dedicated to providing charitable support to those in need in the local community. The lodge has been an active part of the community for over a century and is committed to helping those who are less fortunate. The lodge members have taken part in a number of charitable activities, ranging from fundraising events to hands-on volunteer work.

The lodge has taken part in several fundraising initiatives, such as charity auctions, raffles, and other events. The money raised from these activities has been used to help fund local charities and organisations that provide vital services to those in need. Additionally, the lodge also donates funds directly to individuals and families who require financial assistance due to hardship or illness.

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness also takes an active role in helping out with hands-on volunteering activities. Members of the lodge have been involved in everything from sorting donations at food banks, picking up litter on local beaches, helping out at homeless shelters, providing meals at soup kitchens, and much more.

These kinds of charitable activities are just one way that Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness demonstrates its commitment to giving back to the community it serves. Through its efforts, the lodge is helping ensure that those who are less fortunate are given a chance at a better life.

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness

Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is a Masonic lodge located in the English county of Cumbria. Established in 1836, it is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the country. The lodge provides a variety of resources to its members, including educational materials, guidance on ethical and moral issues, fellowship opportunities, and access to special events. It also maintains an extensive library of books on Freemasonry and related topics. The lodge is open to both men and women who are interested in learning more about Freemasonry or becoming members.

The lodge offers a range of activities for its members throughout the year. These include social events such as dinners, dances, barbecues, lectures and discussions. There are also educational courses available for those wishing to learn more about the history of Freemasonry and its various teachings. Additionally, there are classes that provide guidance on ethical decision-making and leadership development.

For those interested in taking their involvement with Masonry even further, the lodge also offers special events such as trips abroad to visit other lodges or participate in international conferences. These trips provide members with an opportunity to network with other Masons around the world and gain knowledge about Masonic beliefs from different cultures.

Therefore, Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness provides assistance to local charities through donations and volunteering efforts. Members of the lodge regularly give their time and money towards causes that benefit their community such as youth programs, food banks, homeless shelters, animal rescue organizations and more.

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness Awards and Honors Received

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness is proud to have been acknowledged for their dedication and service to the community. Their awards and honors have been received from a variety of organizations including local government, schools, charities, and non-profits.

The most recent honor was bestowed upon them by the Freemasons of England and Wales in 2018 when they were awarded the Distinguished Service Award for their outstanding contributions to the community. This award recognizes Masonic Lodges who have made an extraordinary impact on their local communities, providing support to those in need and promoting charitable activities.

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness is also proud to be a recipient of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2015. This prestigious award is given in recognition of exemplary service by volunteer groups across the United Kingdom. The award was presented to Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness for their commitment to providing assistance to those in need through their fundraising efforts and other charitable activities.

The lodge has also been honored with several commendations from local schools, charities, and other organizations over the years. In addition, they are a recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which recognizes outstanding achievement among young people aged 14-25.

Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness has also been recognized for its commitment to promoting Masonic values through its educational programs and community outreach initiatives. They are regularly invited to give lectures at universities around the country on topics related to Freemasonry as well as participate in panel discussions about various aspects of Freemasonry at national conferences.

Overall, Masonic Lodge Westmorland And Furness has accumulated a long list of awards and honors that demonstrate its dedication to serving its local community through charitable activities and promoting Masonic values across the country. The lodge is proud of these accomplishments and looks forward to continuing its work in making a positive impact on society.

Last Thoughts

The Masonic Lodge Westmorland and Furness is a vibrant and active lodge that has been serving members of the community for many years. It is a great place to meet new friends, learn more about Freemasonry and become part of a larger family. The members are committed to providing an environment that is open, welcoming and inspiring. They strive to be a positive influence in the community through their commitment to service and fellowship. The Lodge is proud of its long history of service to the community and continues to provide support and guidance to its members.

The Lodge strives for an atmosphere of respect, dignity, tolerance and understanding among its members that exemplifies the values of Freemasonry: brotherly love, relief, truth and charity. The Lodge provides many activities for its members such as lectures, dinners, social events and opportunities for service.

The Lodge therefore serves as both a place of fellowship as well as an educational centre for members who want to learn more about Freemasonry or gain insight into their Masonic journey. The Lodge encourages all people in the local area to join them in pursuing these aims while enjoying the benefits of being part of a larger Masonic family.

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