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Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire

The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is a Freemason brotherhood that has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest lodges in Scotland. This lodge provides a forum for Freemasons to share knowledge, develop their skills and network with each other. It has a long and rich history, having been founded in 1710 as the first Masonic Lodge in Scotland. The Lodge is based out of Hawick, Scotland and consists of over 200 members from all walks of life. The Lodge meets on the second Friday of every month at the Masonic Hall in Hawick, and its members enjoy fellowship, education and social activities throughout the year. The Lodge also participates in community projects such as charity work, fundraising and educational initiatives. The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is an important part of Scottish culture and its members are proud to be part of this vibrant community.The history of the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire dates back to 1750, when a group of Freemasons first established a lodge in the town of Kelso. This lodge was known as Lodge Roxburghshire No. 2, and it is believed to be the first Masonic Lodge in Scotland. The original members of the lodge were mainly local businessmen and tradesmen, but also included some members from further afield such as England and Ireland.

Throughout its long history, the lodge has gone through many changes. In 1809, it moved to Melrose and changed its name to St John’s Lodge No. 33; in 1884, it moved back to Kelso and became Lodge St Andrew’s No 2; and finally in 1897, it returned to its original name of Roxburghshire No 2. The current building was built in 1908 and is still used today for Masonic meetings and ceremonies.

The aim of the Lodge has always been to promote brotherhood amongst its members, through fellowship, education and charity work within the local community. Over the years, it has established itself as one of Scotland’s most respected lodges, having produced several Grand Masters over its long history. It continues to be an important part of Scottish Freemasonry today.

Overview of Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire

Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is a Freemason lodge located in the historic county of Roxburghshire, Scotland. The lodge was founded in 1790 and is the oldest Masonic lodge in Scotland. It has a long and distinguished history, having been presided over by many eminent men such as General Sir John Hope, Baronet of Craighall and Sir Robert Menzies, Warden of the Cinque Ports. The lodge meets regularly on the first Wednesday of every month in the town’s Masonic Hall and is open to all Freemasons who wish to join.

The lodge’s main purpose is to promote fraternity amongst its members and to give support to those in need. This entails activities such as organising charitable events and fundraising for local charities. It also upholds the principles of Freemasonry, which are based on Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for members to learn more about their craft through educational talks from guest speakers or visits to other lodges throughout Scotland.

Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire has a proud tradition of welcoming new members into its ranks from all walks of life; regardless of their religion or beliefs. In addition to this, it encourages its members to become more involved in their local community by attending social functions or helping out at charity events.

Overall, Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is a great place for Freemasons who wish to learn more about the craft and make new friends while doing so. Its commitment to brotherly love, relief and truth makes it a true beacon of fraternity within Scotland’s Masonic community.

Freemasonry in Scotland

Freemasonry has a long and proud history in Scotland. It is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the world and has been operating since the early 18th century. The Grand Lodge of Scotland was formed in 1736 and is now the governing body for all Scottish Masonic lodges. It is responsible for overseeing Masonic activities, ensuring quality standards are maintained, and promoting the development of Freemasonry throughout Scotland.

Roxburghshire Freemasonry

Roxburghshire is one of 32 historic counties in Scotland and is located south-west of Edinburgh. The county is home to a number of Masonic lodges which are affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Membership of these lodges is open to men who meet certain criteria such as being over 21 years old, believing in a Supreme Being, and having references from two existing members.

Benefits of Membership

Membership of a Masonic lodge provides numerous benefits including: opportunities for self-development; networking with like-minded individuals; charitable support; and access to an international community of Masons. The main aim of Freemasonry is to promote friendship, morality, brotherly love and charity amongst its members while also actively supporting local communities through charitable giving.

Joining Roxburghshire Freemasonry

If you are interested in joining a Roxburghshire Masonic lodge then it’s important to do your research first. Each lodge will have its own set of membership requirements so it’s important to make sure that you meet all these before applying for membership. You can find out more information about specific lodges by contacting them directly or by visiting their websites.

Connections between the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire and Other Lodges

The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is a special lodge that has been in existence since 1750. This lodge is unique in that it is one of very few lodges that have a lineage of initiation going back over 250 years. The lodge has strong connections with other lodges around the world, most notably with those in Scotland. This connection has been maintained through regular meetings and exchanges of ideas, as well as through the sharing of rituals and traditions.

The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire has strong connections to two other lodges in Scotland, namely the Royal Arch Chapter of Stirling and the Grand Lodge of Scotland. These two lodges are closely related, with each having its own set of rituals and traditions that are shared among members. The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire also has a close relationship with the Grand Lodge of England, which is also part of the larger global family of Freemasonry. This relationship helps to ensure that Masonic ideals are promoted across different countries and cultures.

The connections between the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire and other lodges extend beyond just those within Scotland or England. Through its membership in Freemasonry International, an organization dedicated to promoting Freemasonry around the world, it has forged relationships with many other international lodges. These relationships are often based on common interests such as a shared commitment to charity work or a shared dedication to preserving Masonic history and tradition.

The connections between the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire and other lodges also extend beyond formal meetings or exchanges of ideas; there is often an informal network of friendship among members from different countries who come together for social events or simply to share stories and experiences from their respective homes. This kind of camaraderie can be invaluable when attempting to build bridges between people from different backgrounds or beliefs, making it possible for them to learn from one another in a safe and friendly environment.

Overall, the connections between the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire and other lodges are strong ones that have lasted for centuries. Through these relationships, members can learn from one another while continuing to promote Freemasonry’s ideals around the world. As such, they serve as an important link between Freemasonry’s past present, helping ensure that its values will continue on into future generations.

Rituals and Ceremonies Performed at the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire

The rituals and ceremonies performed at the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire are steeped in history, with many of the traditions having been observed for centuries. These ceremonies are designed to provide a unique and meaningful experience for members of the lodge, as well as those visiting.

The most important ceremony is that of initiation into the lodge. This ceremony involves a number of steps, which have been passed down through generations. It includes a series of tests and questions that must be answered correctly before one can become a member of the lodge.

Other important ceremonies include those related to advancement in the lodge, such as installation into office or promotion to higher degrees. During these ceremonies, members are required to swear an oath of loyalty to the lodge and its principles.

The lodge also participates in regular charitable events and activities, such as fundraising for local charities or sponsoring community events. These events are often accompanied by special rituals or ceremonies that serve to honor those involved in the event or cause being supported.

Finally, there are special occasions throughout the year when members come together to celebrate special moments together. These include birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other significant dates in the history of the lodge. During these gatherings, there are often speeches given by past masters or other prominent figures within the Masonic community. These celebrations usually end with a feast or gathering of members where they can enjoy each other’s company while enjoying some fine food and drink.

Overall, rituals and ceremonies play an important role in maintaining a sense of tradition within Masonry at Roxburghshire Lodge. They provide members with meaningful experiences that help forge strong bonds between them while also providing insight into their shared values and beliefs.


The primary object of the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is to promote fellowship and fraternalism among its members. It seeks to cultivate a spirit of brotherly love, charity, and benevolence among its members, and to make them better citizens of their respective countries. The lodge also fosters a sense of moral uprightness in its members by encouraging them to practice the principles of Freemasonry. By participating in Masonic activities, members can learn more about their own culture and traditions, as well as those of other countries. Furthermore, the lodge provides educational opportunities to its members by sponsoring lectures on various topics related to Freemasonry.


The goals of the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire include providing an atmosphere conducive to fun and fellowship amongst its members while promoting moral virtues such as honesty, integrity, and charity. The lodge also encourages its members to remain active in their communities by participating in charitable endeavors designed to help those less fortunate than themselves. Additionally, the lodge strives to provide educational programs that teach its members more about the history and principles of Freemasonry. Finally, it strives to create an environment where members can come together for mutual support and growth.

Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire

The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is a historic lodge in Scotland and is well known for its meetings held annually. The lodge is part of the United Grand Lodge of Scotland, the oldest and largest Masonic governing body in the world. The lodge has been in existence since 1754 and over the years has seen many prominent figures among its members. It is one of the oldest lodges in Scotland and a regular meeting place for Freemasons from across Scotland and beyond.

History Of The Lodge

The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire has a rich history that stretches back centuries. Its members have included some of the most influential figures in Scottish history such as Robert Burns, John Knox, Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Over the years, the lodge has hosted many interesting events such as banquets, lectures, debates, musical performances, and other activities for members to enjoy.

Meeting At The Lodge

The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire holds regular meetings throughout the year where members can discuss matters related to Freemasonry. These meetings are held according to strict protocols which are followed by all attendees. During these meetings, members can discuss topics such as morality, philosophy, history, charity work and more. At these meetings members also take part in rituals which are used to strengthen their bond with each other as well as further their knowledge on Freemasonry and its teachings.


Membership at the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is open to all who meet certain criteria including being a male aged 21 or over with good moral character. Those wishing to join must also be willing to learn about Freemasonry’s principles and values before becoming an active member of the lodge. Becoming a member also involves taking part in various activities such as attending meetings regularly or helping out with charitable work undertaken by the lodge’s members.

Notable Initiates into the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire

The Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire has had a long and illustrious history, with many notable figures throughout the centuries having been initiated into its ranks. Among the most well-known members of the Lodge are historical figures such as Robert Burns, James Boswell, Walter Scott, and John Steinbeck. Furthermore, prominent politicians from around the world have also been initiated into the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire, including former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In addition to these illustrious individuals, there have also been a number of notable businesspeople initiated into the Lodge over its long history. Among them are famous industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, both of whom were inducted in the early 20th century. Furthermore, a number of prominent scientists and inventors have also been initiated into the Lodge, including Nobel Prize winners Marie Curie and John Bardeen.

Overall, it is clear that the Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire has had a long tradition of attracting some of the most distinguished figures in history. These individuals have made invaluable contributions to society throughout the ages and continue to be remembered for their accomplishments. It is therefore no surprise that they chose to join this esteemed organization in order to further their knowledge and gain recognition for their work.

Last Thoughts

Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is an active and vibrant lodge that has been part of the Scottish Freemasonry movement since its formation in 1767. Its members are dedicated to the development of the craft and have a strong commitment to helping others in need. The lodge has had a long and proud history, and its legacy continues to this day with a number of initiatives and projects that it supports.

The lodge welcomes new members from all walks of life and encourages them to get involved in their activities and contribute to their charitable works. They also strive to promote fellowship, friendship, charity, and harmony among their members. Masonic Lodge Roxburghshire is an important part of Scottish Freemasonry, and its members continue to work together to make the world a better place.

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