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Mark Mason’s Wiltshire is a family owned business, established in the late 1800s and located in the heart of England’s historic Wiltshire County. It is a traditional English business, offering top-quality handmade products made from local materials. The company specializes in producing beautiful, bespoke items from furniture to fencing, flooring to door frames. From start to finish, every piece is crafted with care and an eye for detail. Mark Mason’s Wiltshire has been proudly serving customers for over 100 years and continues to be a go-to source for timeless pieces that will last generations.Mark Masons Wiltshire is a family-run business based in Wiltshire, England. Established in 1965, it specializes in the manufacture of quality handcrafted wooden furniture and home accessories. Each piece of furniture is made with the traditional craftsmanship passed down from generations of skilled carpenters and is designed to be both stylish and long-lasting. Mark Masons Wiltshire ensures that all their products are made from locally-sourced materials, with a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. This includes using FSC certified wood, sustainable manufacturing processes and safe chemicals. In addition to creating beautiful furniture, Mark Masons Wiltshire also provides a range of services for those looking to refurbish existing pieces or add new accessories to their home. They offer upholstery and re-finishing services as well as bespoke design services for those looking for something truly unique. With over 50 years of experience, Mark Masons Wiltshire is dedicated to providing customers with high quality products and excellent customer service.

History of Mark Masons Wiltshire

The history of Mark Masons in Wiltshire dates back to 1790, when a lodge was formed in Devizes. This lodge was known as ‘Devizes Lodge’ and it is still active today. The first Grand Lodge meeting under the banner of the United Grand Lodge of England took place in 1805 with several other lodges being formed shortly afterwards.

By the mid-1800s, Freemasonry had become well established in Wiltshire with lodges meeting regularly across the county. During this period, a number of specialised Masonic Orders were also established such as the Order of Mark Master Masons (1856), Royal Ark Mariners (1857) and Royal and Select Masters (1860).

The Order of Mark Master Masons is particularly associated with Wiltshire. In 1871, a Grand Chapter for the Order was formed and held its first Annual Convocation at Salisbury Cathedral. This event has since become an annual tradition and is still held at Salisbury each year.

The Order has also played a significant role in the local community, with many lodges engaging in charitable work over the years. For example, one lodge donated money to support local schools while another raised funds for a hospital and nursing home in Salisbury.

Today, there are over 20 active Mark Mason Lodges across Wiltshire, carrying on the traditions established over 200 years ago. The Order continues to play an important role in the life of Freemasonry in Wiltshire and is well respected by its members for its commitment to charity and fellowship.

Benefits of Joining Mark Masons Wiltshire

Joining Mark Masons Wiltshire is a great way to take part in an active, vibrant community. Not only will you be able to meet and share ideas with other members, but you’ll also gain access to exclusive benefits, such as discounts, invitations to special events and opportunities to get involved in charity and community work. With Mark Masons Wiltshire, you’ll find a sense of purpose and belonging that goes beyond just being a member of a club.

Mark Masons Wiltshire is an inclusive organization that values its members’ perspectives and encourages them to share their ideas. Members are encouraged to get involved in activities that bring the community together, such as volunteering for local charities or helping out with community projects. By joining Mark Masons Wiltshire, you’re taking part in something bigger than yourself and helping to make a positive impact on the world around you.

Being part of Mark Masons Wiltshire also gives you access to exclusive discounts on travel, entertainment, and other purchases. You can take advantage of these deals while attending events or simply when shopping for the things you need every day. Additionally, members may receive invitations to special events like dinners or lectures from prominent figures in the community.

Ultimately, joining Mark Masons Wiltshire is an incredible opportunity for personal growth and development while being part of something larger than yourself. With access to exclusive benefits and events as well as the chance to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, there’s no better way to join a vibrant community that cares about making the world a better place!

History of Mark Masons Wiltshire

The Mark Masons of Wiltshire have a long and distinguished history that dates back hundreds of years. The first Lodge in the county was established in 1691, and since then, the number of Lodges has grown to over 40. The Mark Masonry is one of the oldest forms of Freemasonry, and it is a unique and rewarding experience for those who are initiated into its ranks.

Benefits of Joining Mark Masons Wiltshire

The benefits of joining Mark Masons Wiltshire are many. As a member, you will have access to exclusive meetings and events in the county, as well as the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals who share your interests. Additionally, you will gain valuable knowledge about Freemasonry and its rich history, as well as become part of a larger global community of Freemasons. Furthermore, you will be able to participate in charitable activities and contribute to making the world a better place.

Mark Masonry is not just about learning new skills or gaining knowledge – it is also about making meaningful connections with others in the fraternity. By joining Mark Masons Wiltshire, you will be able to enjoy social events with fellow members in an atmosphere that fosters friendship and camaraderie. In addition, you will be able to take part in various activities such as dinners, lectures and outings that are unique to this particular branch of Freemasonry. Finally, you will gain access to an array of resources such as books and newsletters that can help enhance your Masonic experience further.

In Last Thoughts, joining Mark Masons Wiltshire offers many benefits for those seeking fellowship with like-minded individuals who share their love for Freemasonry. It provides an opportunity for members to learn more about this ancient craft while having fun at the same time.

Mark Masons Wiltshire Events Hosted

Mark Masons of Wiltshire are well known for hosting some of the most memorable events. From formal dinners to charity fundraisers, the Masonic Hall in Wiltshire is a popular venue for many special occasions. Whether you’re looking to host a wedding reception or corporate event, the experienced staff at Mark Masons of Wiltshire are sure to make your event a success.

The Mark Masons of Wiltshire are proud to offer a wide variety of events, including lectures and presentations from leading experts, formal dinners, dinner dances, charity fundraisers and much more. The experienced staff at Mark Masons of Wiltshire will help you plan your event from start to finish. They will provide advice on catering, entertainment, decorations and more so that your event is perfect.

The Masonic Hall in Wiltshire is one of the largest venues in the area and can accommodate up to 500 guests. The hall has been beautifully restored with modern amenities such as air-conditioning and ample parking. The staff at Mark Masons of Wiltshire are dedicated to ensuring that each guest has an enjoyable experience while attending any event held at the Masonic Hall.

No matter what type of event you’re looking to host, Mark Masons of Wiltshire can help make it a success. From small intimate gatherings to large corporate functions, they have something for everyone. With their experienced staff and impressive facilities, you can be sure that your event will be one to remember!

Charity Work Done by Mark Masons Wiltshire

The Mark Masons of Wiltshire are dedicated to providing assistance to those in need through charitable works and activities. The charity is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the people it serves, and has been doing so since its inception. The charity works with many local organizations and charities, providing assistance in various ways including financial aid and volunteer work.

The Mark Masons of Wiltshire also supports a variety of other causes, such as homelessness, cancer research, and initiatives to help young people. The charity works with many different organizations in order to ensure that its funds are being used for the most effective purpose possible.

The Mark Masons of Wiltshire also organize and host several fundraisers each year in order to raise money for their chosen causes. These events range from galas and dinners to sports tournaments and raffles. The funds raised at these events are used to fund the causes that the charity wishes to support.

In addition to fundraising efforts, the Mark Masons of Wiltshire also provide direct assistance by offering grants and scholarships for those who need it most. This assistance is provided through a variety of programs designed to help those facing financial hardship or educational barriers. The charity also provides training sessions for volunteers who wish to get involved with their cause, as well as mentorship opportunities for those looking for advice or guidance on how best to contribute their skills or talents towards helping others.

Finally, the Mark Masons of Wiltshire are dedicated to spreading awareness about their cause throughout their community by engaging in various forms of outreach including speaking engagements at schools and other community events. This helps ensure that more individuals become aware of their mission and what they can do to assist those in need within their local communities.

Duties of Members in Mark Masons Wiltshire

Members of Mark Masons Wiltshire are expected to uphold the values and principles of the organisation. This includes upholding the highest standards of conduct, respect, and honour. Members should also strive to promote the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Members should be committed to developing their own skills and knowledge in relation to Mark Masonry. They should aim to keep up-to-date with the activities and initiatives taking place within the organisation as well as educating themselves on current issues related to Mark Masonry.

Members should actively participate in meetings, events and initiatives organised by Mark Masons Wiltshire. They should also contribute to any discussions or debates that take place at meetings or events. It is important that members respect the views and opinions of others, even if they don’t necessarily agree with them.

Members should also demonstrate their loyalty to Mark Masons Wiltshire by actively promoting its activities, such as attending public functions or raising funds for charitable causes supported by the organisation. They should also be willing to volunteer their time and talents for any projects or activities organised by Mark Masons Wiltshire.

Furthermore, members are expected to observe all rules and regulations set out by Mark Masons Wiltshire, including attending regular meetings and complying with any decisions made at such meetings. They should also be mindful of their conduct when representing the organisation publicly or when interacting with other members of the organisation.

Regalia of Mark Masons Wiltshire

The Regalia of Mark Masons Wiltshire is a collection of items used in the ceremonies of the Order. These items are typically crafted in gold, silver or bronze and are usually adorned with a variety of symbols and emblems. The regalia typically includes an apron, collar, jewel, sash and gloves. The regalia is used to signify the office and rank of the wearer. It is also used as part of the ritual ceremonies during meetings of Mark Masons Wiltshire.

The apron is the most recognizable piece of regalia and is worn by all members regardless of rank. It is usually made from white leather with gold or silver trimming. The shape and design may vary depending on the level of membership and office held within the organization.

The collar is also an important part of the regalia, usually made from velvet or silk with gold or silver trimming. It serves to identify those who hold high offices within the order. It usually includes several medallions depicting symbols relevant to Freemasonry, such as compasses, square, suns, moons and stars.

The jewel is a pendant that typically hangs from a ribbon or chain around the neck. Each member receives their own unique jewel that displays their rank within the order as well as symbols specific to their office or degree held within it.

The sash is worn over one shoulder in a diagonal line across the body from left to right and ties at the waist. This item may also be adorned with various symbols depending on rank or degree held within Freemasonry.

Finally, gloves are often given to members upon initiation into Freemasonry and serve as an additional signifier for rank when worn during ceremonies. These gloves are typically white but may be embroidered with various Masonic symbols in gold or silver thread depending on rank held by each member.

All in all, Regalia of Mark Masons Wiltshire plays an important role in indicating degrees, offices and ranks within this ancient order while also being beautiful pieces that can be used for many years to come by its members as they continue in their journey through Freemasonry together.

Last Thoughts

Mark Mason’s Wiltshire is a unique and interesting region of the United Kingdom. It is a place steeped in history, with many interesting attractions and activities to offer visitors. From ancient monuments to vibrant towns and villages, there is something for everyone in Wiltshire.

The county also boasts an array of fascinating landscapes, from rolling hills to woodlands and open countryside. There are plenty of beautiful places to explore, whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk or a thrilling activity.

Overall, Mark Mason’s Wiltshire is a wonderful place to visit and explore. With its fascinating history, stunning landscapes and wealth of activities, it’s the perfect destination for those seeking an unforgettable holiday experience.
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