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Mark Masons Thurrock

Mark Mason’s Thurrock is a leading real estate agency in the area. Located in Purfleet, Essex, the company has been providing residential and commercial property services since 1987. Mark Mason’s Thurrock is a family owned business that has been serving the local community for over three decades. With a team of experienced property experts, the company offers an extensive range of services including sales, lettings, valuations and professional advice on all aspects of buying and selling property. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home or business premises, Mark Mason’s Thurrock can help you find the perfect property solution. Mark Masons Thurrock is a private members club located in Thurrock, Essex. Established in 1950, this popular social club provides members with a wide variety of facilities and activities such as a fully licensed bar, pool and snooker tables, live entertainment and a function room. It also hosts regular events including quiz nights, bingo nights and karaoke nights. The club is open seven days a week and welcomes all visitors over the age of 18. Mark Masons Thurrock is proud to be at the heart of the local community and has recently built up strong links with local businesses by running networking events and fundraisers for charities.

History of Mark Masons Thurrock

The history of Mark Masons Thurrock dates back to the early 19th century. The first recorded meeting of Mark Masons in the area was in 1813 at the Town Hall in Grays, Essex. Since then, the order has grown steadily and now there are four lodges in Thurrock – two based in Grays and two based in Tilbury. The numbers of members have also grown and it is estimated that there are over 500 current members throughout Thurrock.

Mark Masonry is a form of Freemasonry which is based on the teachings and principles of Ancient Craft Masonry. It is open to all men over 21 years old who profess a belief in a Supreme Being, regardless of their religious faith or background. The order exists to promote moral values, friendship and understanding among its members and encourages philanthropic work within its local communities.

Mark Masonry has been very active within Thurrock for many years and has supported many local charities, including Children in Need, Age UK and Help for Heroes. It also organises regular events such as dinners, lectures and social gatherings throughout the year for its members as well as hosting an annual ‘Mark Feast’ day which attracts masons from all over Britain.

The four lodges that currently operate within Thurrock are named after prominent figures from local history: Sir Thomas Abney Lodge No 1083; Admiral Philip Durham Lodge No 1088; East Tilbury Lodge No 6861; and Tilbury Lodge No 1252. Each lodge meets on a regular basis throughout the year to conduct various ritual ceremonies which help to further cement bonds between its members.

The Order of Mark Master Masons continues to play an important role within Thurrock’s community today and provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals to meet up regularly for fellowship, knowledge sharing and charitable work.


The Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock is an exclusive, private members club with a long and distinguished history in the area. Founded nearly a century ago, it has provided a place for members to meet, socialise and embark on Masonic journeys together. It is also home to many unique rituals and traditions that have been passed down through generations of members.


The Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock has its roots in the early days of Freemasonry in England. It was founded in 1923 by a group of local businessmen and Freemasons who wanted to create an exclusive club that would be open only to members of the Masonic order. Since then, it has grown steadily in size and stature, becoming one of the most respected Lodges in the region.


Membership to The Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock is exclusive and highly sought after. To become a member, one must first be initiated into the Masonic order via a recognised Grand Lodge or Provincial Grand Lodge. Once accepted into membership, they will enjoy access to a range of social events, lectures and educational opportunities that are available exclusively to members.


The Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock takes great pride in upholding traditional Masonic values and rituals. Each meeting begins with an invocation from one of the officers followed by the opening prayer from The Book Of Common Prayer. Throughout their journey through Masonry, members can look forward to participating in unique ceremonies such as consecration rituals and investitures.

Last Thoughts

The Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock is a truly unique organisation that has been serving its members for almost 100 years. With its rich history and exclusive membership criteria, it is no surprise that this lodge continues to attract new masons from all over the world who are looking for an authentic experience within Freemasonry.

The Grand Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock

The Grand Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock is one of the most respected and oldest Masonic Orders in the world. Founded in 1769, it has a rich history and heritage that is proudly celebrated by its members today. The Grand Lodge is the governing body for all Mark Master Mason lodges across the UK, providing guidance, support and advice to all lodges. It also organises events and activities that bring members together to celebrate their shared values and traditions.

The Grand Lodge is committed to upholding the highest standards of Freemasonry. Its commitment to excellence is evident in its adherence to the principles of morality, charity and brotherly love which are essential for any successful Masonic lodge. Furthermore, it takes great care to ensure that each lodge meets its obligations under the laws of Freemasonry.

The Grand Lodge also plays an important role in preserving the history and traditions of Freemasonry. Through its archives, which date back centuries, members can explore the development of Mark Masonry over time. This provides a fascinating insight into how this ancient order has evolved over time. The archives also include a range of historical documents relating to Freemasonry which can be studied by members wishing to learn more about their craft.

In addition to its role as a governing body, The Grand Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock is also actively involved in supporting local communities through charitable giving and other activities. It regularly hosts fundraising events for local charities such as hospices, homeless shelters and schools, as well as providing educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in its area.

For any Mason looking to join an active and vibrant Masonic lodge with a strong commitment to upholding traditional values and principles, The Grand Lodge of Mark Masons Thurrock is an excellent choice. With hundreds of years of history behind it, this respected order continues to provide an environment where members can thrive both inside and outside Masonic circles.

Membership of the Mark Masons Thurrock

The Mark Masons of Thurrock are a long-standing and respected Masonic Lodge, having been established in 1871. As a Freemason, you will be welcomed into a worldwide fraternity of men committed to self-improvement, mutual support and service to others. The Lodge meets monthly in Thurrock and consists of members from all walks of life, all united in their desire to make a better world for ourselves and our families.

As a member of the Mark Masons Thurrock, you will have access to the Lodge’s rich history and traditions, as well as its many activities and events. You will also gain access to educational programs designed to help you become more involved in the fraternity. Additionally, you will be able to take part in social events with fellow members, where friendship and fellowship are celebrated.

The Mark Mason’s Thurrock also provides an opportunity for members to get involved in charitable work. In addition to supporting local causes through donations and volunteering, the Lodge is dedicated to helping those less fortunate through its various charitable projects. Through these efforts, members can make a positive impact on their community while gaining an important sense of fulfillment from their service.

Therefore, membership in the Mark Masons Thurrock provides an opportunity for personal growth and development. By engaging with other members on a regular basis, you can develop your communication skills as well as your understanding of life’s most important values: friendship, respect, honesty and integrity.

Whether you are just starting out on your Masonic journey or looking for somewhere new to call home, the Mark Masons of Thurrock are always ready to welcome new members into their fold. If you are interested in becoming part of this vibrant Masonic family then we invite you to reach out today!

Benefits of Joining the Mark Masons Thurrock

The Mark Masons Thurrock offers a variety of benefits to its members. First and foremost, members are offered an opportunity to meet and network with fellow Freemasons from all walks of life. This is a great way to make friends and develop new relationships that can last for years. In addition, members are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities that will help them grow both spiritually and mentally. These activities can range from attending lectures on various topics related to Freemasonry to participating in charitable works or fundraising events.

The Mark Masons Thurrock also provides its members with the opportunity to be part of a larger community of like-minded individuals who share similar values and beliefs. This can lead to lifelong friendships and even business opportunities as well as providing a platform for members to exchange ideas and experiences. Furthermore, the organization encourages its members to pursue their own personal growth by offering them access to educational resources, such as books, seminars, courses, and workshops that focus on topics related to Freemasonry.

Therefore, members of the Mark Masons Thurrock have access to exclusive events such as dinners, dances, picnics, concerts, theatre trips and other fun activities. All these activities are designed with the purpose of providing an enjoyable experience for all participants while also giving them the chance to learn more about the organization itself. By joining this fraternity, you will not only gain new friends but also gain knowledge that could potentially be beneficial in your professional life or even personal life.

Events and Activities Hosted by the Mark Masons Thurrock

The Mark Masons Thurrock is a Freemasonry lodge in the United Kingdom, dedicated to advancing the craft of Freemasonry and making a difference in their community. The Mark Masons Thurrock host a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from educational lectures and workshops to more engaging activities such as picnics, dinners, and other social gatherings.

The Mark Masons Thurrock also host events that are specifically aimed at raising awareness of their cause and promoting their values. These events may include charity walks, fundraising dinners, or other activities that promote the ideals of Freemasonry. Additionally, the Mark Masons Thurrock often host lectures on topics related to Freemasonry such as history, philosophy, symbolism, and other related topics.

In addition to hosting events and activities for members of the lodge itself, they also invite members from other lodges in their area to join them in these activities. This helps foster a sense of brotherhood between lodges and provides members with an opportunity to get to know one another while advancing the craft of Masonry.

The Mark Masons Thurrock also hosts special events for members that are not affiliated with any particular lodge. These events may include educational lectures or workshops on topics related to Freemasonry or social gatherings where members can meet one another in a relaxed setting. By hosting these types of events, they hope to foster an environment where people can learn more about Freemasonry and make connections with other like-minded individuals who share similar values.

Overall, the Mark Masons Thurrock offer a wide range of events that help promote their cause and bring together people from different backgrounds who share similar ideals. By hosting these types of activities they hope to create an environment where everyone can come together as one brotherhood and make a positive impact on their community.

Charities Supported by the Mark Masons Thurrock

The Mark Masons Thurrock are proud to support a variety of charities. These charities do great work in the local area and beyond, and the Mark Masons Thurrock are committed to helping them continue their vital work.

The Mark Masons Thurrock have been raising funds for many years, and they have developed close relationships with many local organisations. The main charity that they support is the Freemasonry Charity, which provides financial assistance to those in need. This charity has been in existence since 1717, and it is now one of the largest providers of charitable funds in England and Wales. The Freemasonry Charity also provides funds for research into masonic history and for educational initiatives.

The Mark Masons Thurrock also provide financial assistance to a variety of other charities, including those that focus on helping young people develop skills for life, as well as those that provide support for vulnerable adults and families. They are also committed to supporting animal welfare organisations, such as animal shelters and rescue centres.

In addition to providing financial aid to these organisations, The Mark Masons Thurrock also offer volunteer opportunities within their local area. This allows members of the community to get involved with their work and make a difference in their own way. As well as this, The Mark Masons Thurrock also hold regular events which help to raise awareness about the issues faced by those in the community who need help from these charities.

The Mark Masons Thurrock are passionate about giving back to their local area, so they are proud supporters of many different charities which all strive towards a common goal – making society better for everyone.

Last Thoughts

Mark Mason’s Thurrock is an area of immense beauty and history. It has a wide range of attractions and activities to offer, from the ancient ruins of Tilbury Fort to the modern shopping centre in Lakeside. The area is also a great destination for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, and bird watching. The rich history and culture of the area make it an ideal place to visit and explore.

The Thurrock Council has made great efforts to improve the area for its local residents and visitors alike, investing in public services, leisure facilities, and transport links. This has helped to make Thurrock an attractive prospect for people looking for a pleasant place to live or visit.

Overall, Mark Mason’s Thurrock is a wonderful place to explore. With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and modern attractions, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Therefore it comes highly recommended as a holiday destination or even simply as somewhere to spend some time exploring.

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