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Mark Masons Plymouth

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History of Mark Masons Plymouth

Mark Masonry in Plymouth dates back to 1763, when the first Masonic Lodge was established. Since then, several other lodges have been established in the city, making it one of the most active Masonic centres in England. The history of Masonry in Plymouth is a long and distinguished one, spanning over two centuries.

The first lodge was founded by a group of Freemasons from Devonport who wanted to create a Masonic lodge that would promote brotherly love and fellowship amongst its members. This lodge was known as ‘The Lodge of St. Andrew’ and it is still active today.

In 1777, the Grand Lodge of England granted a charter to form a Grand Lodge for Plymouth, which became known as ‘The Grand Lodge of Devonshire’. This new Grand Lodge was responsible for overseeing all the lodges in Devonport and providing support for their members.

In 1842, another Grand Lodge was formed – this time called ‘The National Grand Lodge of Mark Masons’ – which provided support and guidance for all the Mark Lodges in Plymouth. Since then, many more lodges have been established and are still active today.

Today, there are over twenty-five Mark Lodges active in Plymouth, making it one of the most populous Masonic cities in England. The history of Mark Masonry in Plymouth is long and distinguished, having been at the forefront of Freemasonry since its inception two centuries ago.

Joining a Masonic Lodge in Plymouth

Joining a Masonic Lodge in Plymouth is an excellent opportunity for those looking to become part of an exclusive and longstanding fraternity. Membership in a Masonic Lodge allows individuals to share unique experiences and develop their knowledge about the philosophies and traditions of Freemasonry. It is also a great way to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about the Masonic principles.

To join a Masonic Lodge, the individual must first submit an application form to their local lodge. The application process varies from lodge to lodge, but generally involves providing personal details, such as name, age, address, occupation, and other pertinent information. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the lodge’s membership committee before being approved or denied.

If approved, the individual will be invited to attend a series of lectures and classes which will introduce them to the basic principles of Freemasonry. After completing these lectures and classes, they will then be eligible for initiation into the lodge. This initiation ceremony will involve taking part in various rituals and pledges that are designed to strengthen their commitment to Freemasonry and its values.

Once initiated into a Masonic Lodge in Plymouth, members are expected to keep up with regular meetings and attend any special events or activities that may be held throughout the year. Members are also encouraged to participate in charitable activities that promote goodwill among members of society as well as contribute financially towards their local lodge’s charitable efforts.

Joining a Masonic Lodge is an excellent way for individuals in Plymouth to become part of an exclusive fraternity as well as gain access to unique experiences which can help them grow both personally and professionally.

Benefits of Joining Mark Masons Plymouth

The Mark Masons Plymouth are a well-established group of Freemason lodges that provide membership to individuals from all walks of life. Membership with the Mark Masons provides many benefits for its members, including access to exclusive events and social activities, opportunities for networking and personal growth, and additional resources for career advancement. Joining the Mark Masons Plymouth also offers its members a chance to become part of a community that is dedicated to helping each other grow and succeed.

By joining the Mark Masons Plymouth, members gain access to exclusive events and social activities that are not available to the general public. These events can range from formal dinners to informal gatherings at local pubs or restaurants. Members can also attend seminars and workshops that offer insight into different aspects of Freemasonry, such as its code of ethics or its history. The Mark Masons also host special events such as holiday celebrations, charity fundraisers, and other gatherings throughout the year.

Membership in the Mark Masons provides opportunities for networking with other members who may be able to provide advice or resources for career advancement. The network includes professionals from all industries who may be able to provide valuable contacts or job leads. Members can also benefit from mentoring programs offered by the lodge which can help them develop their skills in areas such as leadership or communication.

The Mark Masons Plymouth also offer members additional resources for personal growth. The lodge has an extensive library with books on topics such as Freemasonry history, philosophy, rituals, and more. Additionally, members can take advantage of special courses offered by the lodge which focus on topics such as leadership development or public speaking. These courses are designed to help members grow both personally and professionally.

Lastly, joining the Mark Masons Plymouth offers its members a chance to become part of a community that is dedicated to helping each other grow and succeed. Through events such as dinners or seminars, members can get together with fellow masons and work together towards common goals such as charitable projects or professional development initiatives. By becoming part of this community, masons can make lasting connections with people who share similar values and interests.

Membership Fees

We offer membership fees for individuals and organizations who wish to join our cause. Membership fees are used to cover administrative costs, such as staff salaries, office expenses, and other necessary expenses associated with running our organization. Your membership fee will help us reach our goals of providing services to those in need and fighting for social justice.


We also accept donations from individuals, companies, and foundations. Donations help us further our mission of providing assistance to those in need and advocating for social justice. Your donations are essential in helping us reach our goals. We thank you for your generous support!

Mark Masons Plymouth Events

The Mark Masons of Plymouth are proud to host a number of events throughout the year. From networking events to formal dinners and charity fundraisers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Mark Masons, part of the United Grand Lodge of England, is a fraternity that has been around for centuries, and they are dedicated to creating a sense of community and fellowship among their members. Their events are open to all, whether you’re a member or not, so you can be sure that you’ll be made welcome wherever you go.

At their networking events, you can meet other like-minded individuals and make valuable connections with potential business partners or collaborators. These occasions are great for exchanging ideas and learning from each other’s experiences. There is also an opportunity for members to demonstrate their commitment to philanthropy by attending charity fundraisers in aid of worthy causes.

For those who enjoy more formal occasions, the Mark Masons Plymouth host an annual dinner each year that is often attended by dignitaries from across the country. This event gives members the chance to dress up in their finest attire and dine on delicious food while engaging in stimulating conversations with interesting people.

The Mark Masons Plymouth also take pride in hosting smaller events such as lectures and seminars where members can learn more about the rich history of Freemasonry, as well as gain knowledge on other related topics such as politics and philosophy. These events provide a great opportunity for members to come together in an informal setting and share ideas with one another.

Whatever your interest may be, there is something for everyone at the Mark Mason’s Plymouth events! Whether you’re looking for business connections or just want to have a good time with friends, these occasions offer something special that cannot be found anywhere else.

Charitable Projects Supported by Mark Masons Plymouth

Mark Masons Plymouth is an organization dedicated to helping those in need. The members of the organization are committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Through their charitable work, Mark Masons Plymouth raises money to help fund projects such as providing medical care and education to those in need. In addition, they also support local community initiatives such as providing food and clothing to those in poverty, and supporting animal welfare organisations. They also raise funds for charities such as the Royal British Legion, Children’s Hospice South West and the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. By contributing time and money to these worthwhile causes, Mark Masons Plymouth is able to make a real difference in the lives of people from all walks of life.

Mark Masons Plymouth has been involved in a number of successful fundraising campaigns over the years. In 2017 they raised over £10,000 for charity through a series of events including an annual golf tournament, car boot sale and raffle. This money was split between a number of charities including Children’s Hospice South West and Devon Air Ambulance Trust. In 2018 they raised just under £20,000 for charity through similar events such as their golf tournament and car boot sale. This money was donated to various local charities including The Royal British Legion, Animal Welfare organisations and other local charities such as the Exeter Food Bank.

The members of Mark Masons Plymouth actively engage with their local community by taking part in various activities such as beach cleans, litter picks and tree planting days. They also organise regular outings for children from disadvantaged backgrounds such as trips to places like Longleat Safari Park or the Eden Project which give them an opportunity to experience something new that they might not otherwise have access to. Furthermore, they have also been involved in setting up mentoring programmes which aim to provide guidance and support for young people who may be struggling at school or home life.

In Last Thoughts, Mark Masons Plymouth is an organisation that is dedicated to helping those in need both financially and locally through community initiatives. Through their hard work they have been able to make a real difference in people’s lives by providing medical care, education and support for those less fortunate than themselves.

Awards and Recognition Received by Mark Masons Plymouth

Mark Masons Plymouth is proud to have received numerous awards and recognitions for its exceptional service and commitment to the community. The organization has been the recipient of numerous accolades in various categories, which include philanthropy, volunteerism, leadership, and innovation.

The most notable award that Mark Masons Plymouth has received was the Royal Warrant of Appointment from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2017. This was in recognition of their long-term support for youth organizations across the country. The organization was also recognized by Her Majesty with a Service to Youth Award in 2018, which was presented to them during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

In 2019, Mark Masons Plymouth received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, an annual award given out to outstanding charitable organizations. This award acknowledged their hard work in supporting vulnerable people within their local community through activities such as workshops and mentoring initiatives.

Mark Mason’s Plymouth has also been awarded a number of recognitions from other organizations in recognition of their commitment to charity work. They were awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award from The Prince’s Trust in 2019 for their innovative approach towards helping young people develop skills for future success. They have also been recognised by the Freemasonry Charitable Foundation with a Platinum Award for their commitment to social welfare initiatives since 2010.

Mark Masons Plymouth is proud of its accomplishments and continues to strive towards providing meaningful support to those in need within its local community. Their dedication to charity work has been recognised by various organisations over the years, further cementing their status as one of the leading charitable organisations in Devon.

Last Thoughts

Mark Mason’s Plymouth has been a much-loved automotive brand for many years. It has been a symbol of American engineering excellence, with its reliable and reliable cars offering excellent performance and reliability. The company has also embraced modern technology, offering a range of advanced features and systems that make the driving experience even more enjoyable. With its commitment to quality and innovation, it is no wonder that Plymouth continues to be a popular choice for motorists around the world.

Plymouth’s commitment to customer satisfaction is another reason why this automotive brand continues to be so successful. With its dedication to providing customers with quality products and services, as well as its ability to stay ahead of the competition, Plymouth will continue to be one of the leading automobile brands in the industry.

In Last Thoughts, Mark Mason’s Plymouth has been a trusted name in the automotive world for many years. Its commitment to quality, innovation, customer service and product reliability have kept it at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. It is no surprise that this beloved automotive brand continues to be a popular choice among motorists around the world.
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