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Knights Templar Westmorland

The Knights Templar Westmorland is an organization dedicated to preserving the history, traditions, and ideals of the original Knights Templar order. Founded in 1984, the organization is one of the largest Knight Templar organizations in the United Kingdom. The group is committed to upholding the highest standards of chivalry and Christian service, and they regularly take part in activities such as parades and ceremonies. The Knights Templar Westmorland also provides support for a range of charitable activities and events throughout the year.The history of the Knights Templar Westmorland dates back to the early 11th century when the first group of knights was formed in France. The knights were formed with a mission to protect pilgrims on their journeys to the Holy Land. The order eventually spread through Europe, with one branch reaching England in 1130. The Westmorland branch of the Knights Templar was established in 1220, becoming one of the most powerful orders in England. They held extensive land holdings in and around Westmorland and were responsible for building many castles and churches throughout the region. In 1307, King Edward II declared that all Templars must be arrested and their property seized, leading to their ultimate downfall. In 1314 a few Templars escaped and managed to re-establish their order in Scotland under Robert Bruce, but this branch of the order eventually died out as well. Despite their demise, many aspects of the Knights Templar are still remembered today as they played an important part in medieval English history.


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Westmorland Members

The Knights Templar of Westmorland were a group of Christian knights and monks who dedicated their lives to protecting pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land during the Crusades. They were known for their bravery, discipline and commitment to their cause. The Westmorland members of the Knights Templar were some of the most prominent members of their order, and they played a vital role in the success of the Crusades.

Sir Geoffrey de Mandeville was one of the first Westmorland members of the Knights Templar. He was an experienced warrior who had served in battles against both Christians and Muslims. He had also taken part in several diplomatic missions between England and France, as well as other European powers. Sir Geoffrey was a highly respected knight and was appointed Grand Master of the Templars in 1147.

Another notable Westmorland member was Sir Robert de Vaux, who joined the order in 1160. He was an experienced soldier who had fought in numerous battles against Muslim forces during his time with the Templars. He rose to become Grand Master in 1162 and served until 1180, when he died during a battle with Saladin’s forces near Acre.

The last notable Westmorland member was Sir Hugh de Payens, who joined the Templars in 1167. He quickly rose through the ranks due to his courage and skill on the battlefield and became Grand Master in 1185. He led several successful campaigns against Saladin’s forces before his death at Acre in 1191.

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Promoting Human Rights

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Protecting the Environment

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Contributions to the Order of Knights Templar

The Order of Knights Templar was a famous medieval Christian military order that was active during the Crusades. The order played a crucial role in defending and protecting travelers on their journeys across Europe and the Middle East. While their primary mission was to guard pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land, they also contributed to the cultural, economic, and political life of many countries. The contributions made by the Order of Knights Templar have had a lasting impact on society today.

One of the major contributions of the Order of Knights Templar was their patronage of art and architecture. The Templars were known for constructing some of the most impressive fortifications in Europe, such as castles and cathedrals. These structures not only served as defensive strongholds but also provided places for worship, learning, and cultural exchange. In addition, they sponsored some of the most renowned architectural projects in Europe at that time, such as Notre Dame in Paris.

The Order was also renowned for its financial acumen. They had extensive banking networks throughout Europe that allowed them to facilitate cross-border trade and finance crusading expeditions. In addition, they provided loans to monarchs and other noblemen who were unable to obtain credit from traditional banks. This enabled them to gain considerable influence over European politics during this period.

The Order also made important contributions in terms of education and culture. They established schools throughout Europe that taught a variety of subjects including philosophy, medicine, law, theology, and languages such as Greek and Latin. They also founded libraries where knowledge could be shared between different cultures across Europe and beyond.

Lastly, the Order provided medical care for those who could not afford it otherwise. They set up hospitals in various cities across Europe to provide treatment for those suffering from illness or injury regardless of rank or religion. This helped improve access to healthcare for ordinary people during this period when medical care was often expensive or unavailable altogether.

The legacy left behind by the Order of Knights Templar continues to have an impact on modern society today in terms of art, architecture, banking practices, education initiatives, healthcare access, and more. Their commitment to protecting travelers on their journeys across Europe still resonates with us today as we navigate our own journeys through life with courage and faithfulness.

Last Thoughts

The Knights Templar of Westmorland were a powerful and influential group within the region during the Middle Ages. They held a significant role in defending the area against enemies and provided assistance to local people in times of need. The legacy of the Knights Templar remains strong in Westmorland, as evidenced by the many sites and monuments that can be found throughout the region today. Although their organization eventually disbanded, their impact on Westmorland is still seen today.

The history of the Knights Templar of Westmorland is a fascinating one, providing insight into medieval society and its customs. Their adherence to a strict code of conduct, combined with their strong sense of loyalty to their fellow knights, has left behind an impressive legacy that continues to be remembered and celebrated today.
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