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Royal Arch Berkshire

Royal Arch Berkshire is a Masonic organization in the English county of Berkshire. Founded in 1776, it is one of the oldest Masonic orders in England and is dedicated to preserving the traditions and customs of Freemasonry. Royal Arch Berkshire is a part of a larger organization known as the United Grand Lodge of England, …

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Knights Templar Bute

The Knights Templar Bute is a chivalric order of historical significance that was founded in the early 12th century. This religious-military order was established to protect pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem from bandits and other dangers. The order is named after the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the original nine knights were sent to protect travellers …

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Top 10 Famous Masons

The Freemasons, or Masons, are a fraternity of men and women dedicated to the principles of brotherhood, charity, and morality. For centuries, the Freemasons have been a source of mystery and intrigue. They have been subject to much speculation and rumor, but their secrets remain closely guarded. Despite this secrecy, we know that many famous …

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Eaton Lodge 533
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